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Management Information

Mr. Pramod Roul- Managing Director
Contact Number: 0674-2974666
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Mr. Pramod Roul is the founder of Dearlife Empower India Private Limited, and is successfully leading the company with his business acumen & visionary leadership. He is a well-known Motivational speaker & business coach and respected for his outstanding leadership quality and business expertise. He himself worked as a direct selling leader for many years have brought up uncountable leaders and been the major contributor to their success. Mr. Roul is now leading Dearlife business under his leadership and his vision with a phenomenal growth each year and have lead Dearlife to be one of the most trusted and leading direct selling company in India.

Mr. Sibasish Nanda- General Manager
Contact Number: 0674-2974666
Mail ID:

An expert of direct selling industry with more than 14 years of rich experience in field of Training & Development. Mr. Nanda is a renowned personality in direct selling industry for his expertise & skills in the field of training, marketing and operations handling. He has played a key-role and worked with various well-known direct selling companies and corporates. With his business knowledge, strategies and an advisor to the management, he has been always been in the leading front for the development of the organization and direct selling professionals.

Mr. Subas Rath- Business Development Manager
Contact Number: 0674-2974666
Mail ID:

A professional leader with his rich experience in direct selling industry, Mr. Rath takes care of the business development of Dearlife business by various initiatives done under his expertise. He is known for his solution oriented working style for which he has always been a major contributor to the business growth of the organization he has worked for.

Nodal Officer Information

Mr. N. Debasish – Nodal Officer and HR
Contact Number: +91-7077725650
Mail ID :

Mr. Debasish takes care of the Human resource department in Dearlife. His deep understanding of HR initiatives and fundamentals are helping the company to build a cordial working environment for all the employees. He is also the nodal officer of Dearlife, who looks after the grievances of customers and distributors by providing them with timely solutions.

Dearlife - Consumer Grievance Redressal Policy or Mechanism

Click on the link below to view the GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL POLICY OR MECHANISM as per the Consumer Protection (Direct Selling) Rules 2021