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Dearcare Iron Booster Tablet is a classical Ayurveda formulation of Dhatri Lauha that contains most natural and potent form of iron as Lauha bhasma along with goodness of Amla, Yastimadhu (mulethi) & Giloy. From ancient times, Dhatri Lauha has been valued in Ayurveda for its ability to help in increasing hemoglobin levels and improve red blood cell. It provides a holistic alternative to iron supplements, distinguishing itself from synthetic Iron options. Dearcare Iron Booster Tablet helps to boost Iron level in body and relieving from various condition associated with Iron deficiency like indigestion, poor hair health and poor energy levels.

  • • It helps in improving Iron levels in blood to tackle Iron deficiency.
  • • It helps in increasing Iron absorption in the body.
  • • It helps to enhance hemoglobin production & boosts RBC count in blood.
  • • It helps to maintain Iron levels during pregnancy.
  • • It helps to enhance energy level.
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