“Seva is an opportunity to express gratitude & tell God, Thank You and I love you for everything you have given us”

In 2018, the journey of Dearlife Empower India Private Limited (Leading trusted Indian direct selling company) also started with the same purpose, when the company's Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Pramod Roul created a platform for millions of people, with which everyone can move forward in his / her life towards a better health, wealth and happiness.

Starting his career as a Direct Seller in those days, he not only gave heights to his direct selling business but also made every effort with his team to contribute towards the needy by many such activities like feeding the hungry, clothes and blankets donation to the needy, Blood donations and along with these he has also borne the expenses of medical treatment of many people. He and his team has also contributed his part towards nature, under the mission like "my birthday my tree".

During many such situations where humans find themselves helpless in front of nature like cyclone, flood, and Covid-19, has taught us that the environment does not need humans, but humans need the environment. Even In such difficult period, Dearlife not only encouraged the people but also achieved the feat of delivering essential items to the financially helpless people.

Dearlife, since its inception, has worked by promoting the spirit of unity and co-operation in the society. And in order to take this thinking to a new level, and also due to the promise made to self and all the people associated with it, we have the privilege of introducing Dearlife Charitable Foundation established under section 8 of Companies Act, 2013 on 23rd day of September 2021.

A selfless act of help towards anybody in any form is a ‘SEVA’. Considering all forms of Seva as great, Dearlife Charitable Foundation has decided to contribute its part towards three such initiatives.

It is said that a home is not a home where there is no elder. There are many such elderly people today those who meant to be someone's support in the past, are now waiting to get someone's support today. Elders who have become physically weak are becoming a burden in their own home today. Dearlife has not only raised the issue of rights of this class, but has also built an old age home for many lonely and destitute elders, which has been named as "Khusiyon Ka Ghar". A home where not only they enjoy a calm and family atmosphere, but also they can live their life with love and respect. This "Khusiyon Ka Ghar" with all the amenities for the elderly is designed keeping in mind by fulfilling all their basic needs and providing a calm environment that suits their mental state.

Man is a social animal, who not only needs society but also has the right to live freely with his fundamental rights. Today our society may be seen climbing the steps of development at a very fast pace, but one aspect of it that is often overlooked is that, even today many people are fighting for their fundamental & basic rights and for their identity. Even if these issues are raised on social media and at big events, but the real truth is often overlooked. Yes, we are talking about ‘TRANSGENDER COMMUNITY'. Despite getting legal recognition, this class which is fighting for its identity and often finds itself surrounded by inferiority complex. Dearlife Charitable Foundation not only talks about their rights, but is also working with many NGOs those who are trying to empower this community. Which will not only give them vocational training but will also work on making them self-reliant in the society under many skill development programs. Along with this, taking forward the spirit of co-operation and equality among the people, Dearlife will be a part of many awareness programs which will work to connect this community with the main stream of the society.

Every part of our body contributes in making our life easier, and without them it can be impossible for a healthy body to imagine life. There are many such people around us, who are facing difficulties in their life due to physical disability. Many of these people are facing physical disability since birth, while many people have become victims of it due to accidents in life. It not only makes them physically weak, but also mentally affects their health. Dearlife Charitable Foundation would take the responsibilities of rehabilitating many such people with Physical Disabilities specially those who are affected by spinal cord injury to make them mentally strong and make them self-reliant and financially independent.

Dearlife, which derives its name from the meaning ‘To understand the value of each life and give importance to it’, through Dearlife Charitable Foundation we are making an effort & be a hope to bring positive changes to thousands of lives.

Let's join hands, let's take this journey forward,
Let us do what has not happened till now.