Dearlife has a quality range of products and are categorised in different segments, such as Health & Wellness, Beauty and Personal care, Oral care, Home care & Food, Lifestyle, Feminine Hygiene, Agriculture & Veterinary based Products.

Dearlife’s product derive their inspiration from ancient Ayurvedic knowledge which originated in India and is today showing path towards wellness to entire world. At the same time, we continue to strive to leverage on modern scientific knowledge for developing world class Nutraceutical/Health Supplement, Cosmetic & Life Style Products.

Shipping and Payment

We are connected to our customer(s) only through Dearlife Distributors. As such, we are not directly engaged in processing payments or recording them against the orders placed by our customer(s). It is the discretion of the Dearlife Distributor to adopt suitable payment methods as per their and customer’s convenience, which may be inclusive of but not limited to payments via credit card, debit card, etc., but cash is always accepted among other methods which Dearlife Distributor choose to adopt.
We do not ship the products offered directly to our customer(s). Dearlife Distributors take the order and directly deliver the products to the customer(s).

Our Product Philosophy

Our Brands