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Dearlife Product Return/Exchange/Refund Policy:

Dearlife proudly stands committed to its products and is confident of the quality and value they offer.

The Product Return Policy is given below:

Dearlife offers a comprehensive money back gurantee to both its customers and Dearlife Distributors.
a. If any Distributor is not satisfied with Dearlife product/s, by specifying proper valid reason/s they may return such product/s which are currently in marketable and saleable condition within 7 days from the date of purchase of product and refund will be issued to them or the Distributor on his/her discretion can also exercise the option of exchanging the products equivalent to the amount of the purchased products or the Distributor has an option to get an credit note issued and on the basis of the same, goods can be purchased within 30 days.
b. In case any Customer is not satisfied with the product/s and wishes to return the product/s, he/she may do so within 7 days from the date of purchase which is currently in marketable and saleable condition, it is the Distributor's obligation to satisfy the Customer’s need for money refund or exchange of products. The Distributor can then return those product/s, with original Invoice to the Company.
c. Dearlife Distributor can initiate the process of return/exchange/refund by writing to the Company at or to Company’s Consumer Grievance Redressal Committee stating the reason for return and providing a copy of the original Invoice. The said request for return/exchnage/refund shall be subject to approval by Dearlife and the same shall be communicated to the Dearlife Distributor in writing. Once the Dearlife Distributor is in receipt of approval from Dearlife against the return/exchnage/refund request, Dearlife Distributor shall take a copy of the said approval to the point of sale along with the original Invoice. Dearlife Distributor may opt to either get new product or a credit note or refund amount (post deduction of 10% handling charges).
d. Dearlife will reverse all the commission and benefit paid (if amount is refunded) for any such returned product as it would amount to cancellation of sale. The said deduction of of commission will be from the Dealife Distributor’s account and his/her upline as disbursed by Dearlife against the said sale.
e. To ensure maximum transparency in transactions between Dearlife and the Dearlife Distributor and further to Consumers, it is stipulated that refunds shall be processed only through online bank transactions and/or through credit note. Refunds in the form and medium of cash shall not be processed by the Dearlife and no such request shall be entertained by the Dearlife.

Once the refund has been requested for by any of the Dealife Distributors, in case the Dearlife Distributor opts for credit note then the same shall be processed immediately. In case the Dearlife Distributor opts for online bank transactions then the same may take up to 30 days from the date of such request.